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Removing that annoying beeping once and for all

PostPosted: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 6:46 +0000
by Scoobalimalima
I've seen lots of ideas on this page on how to remove the key beeper and seatbelt beeper etc by performing wiring mods. I went right to the source of the problem and removed the damn piezo buzzer itself, took no longer than 5 mins start to finish. The piezo is on the circuit board on the back of the instrument cluster (speedo/tacho etc). With the cluster removed, you just remove the back cover to expose the circuit board, the piezo buzzer is easy to spot, about a dozen twists left/right and it popped right off, the two pins cleanly snapped off flush with the circuit board, (I could of de-soldered the piezo from the other side of the circuit board but you have to remove all the instrument needles to do this which I was not to keen on doing).

No more annoying beeping, ever!

I cannot seem to get my pictures to show on this post, copy and paste the below link for pictures



Re: Removing that annoying beeping once and for all

PostPosted: Tue, 14 Apr 2020 5:46 +0000
by territorian
Is this Piezo buzzer used for any other alarms or warnings?

IF its ONLY the annoying beeping then sure remove it, BUT if its there for more important functions then maybe not?