Dominator DL 9” spotlight wiring help

Dominator DL 9” spotlight wiring help

Postby Shaun760 on Sun, 16 Jun 2019 7:15 +0000

Hey guys having a bit of trouble with how these spotlights are wired.

I have upgraded to LED so I am using my original wiring harness as it’s still good nothing wrong with it, now the spotlights work fine, they have black for negative, white for positive which is all good, but they also have a daylight LED strip on them, which has a seperate green wire which must have something to do with them.

I tried connecting both green wires then ran them to my accessories wire inside the cab as I thought it must be a positive wire for the LED strip and it must be earthed already from the spotlights earth. Well I must be wrong as they don’t work, any help would be awesome because I can’t find a diagram for these.

Would this have anything to do with my wiring harness being negative switched as the Hilux headlights are negative switched?
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