Airbag light after pretensioner repair

Airbag light after pretensioner repair

Postby brem82 on Wed, 05 Jun 2019 4:07 +0000

Hi all
So my old man borrowed my 2013 SR5 for a couple of days while I was away and during that time he had issues with the seat belt not unlocking and unable to wear it. He has decided to take the pretentioner apart and found "something" interfering with the ball bearing that activates the seat belt lock and bingo seat belt works again, however since the repair the airbag light is on and Toyota tell me its a short in the pretentioner assembly and want $650 to replace, are you serious?! As HD diesel mechanic and not bad with auto electrics I have googled my arse off for as much info as possible, with not much luck. What I have noticed in some cases (make and model of vehicle unknown) there is a shorting clip in the SRS module plug on the pretensioner, however mine doesn't or no longer does have one... I am yet to test for resistance, as i struggle to think that there is a hard short, rather its something during the repair that has triggered the light and requires a decent scan tool to reset the fault. Strange that Toyota didn't try this first....Has anyone had a similar fault/experience and is there mean to be a shorting clip in the Toyota SRS plugs?

Sorry for the novel, hard to tell the story without context.

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Re: Airbag light after pretensioner repair

Postby dave g on Mon, 10 Jun 2019 7:35 +0000

Did you check if you have a good earth
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