97-05 hilux clock in dash

97-05 hilux clock in dash

Postby schnauzer86 on Tue, 13 Mar 2018 3:49 +0000

Hi guys i have a 2003 kzn165r and i just bought an sr5 clock and mounted it into the dash.

Problem is, i couldn't see the plug for it though but i was rushed and didnt have time to pull any more of the dash apart to see.

Is the plug for the clock taped up there somewhere or is there a seperate extension loom i need?

Has aybody done/seen a guide on doing this job?

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Re: 97-05 hilux clock in dash

Postby gen7xtracab on Wed, 14 Mar 2018 2:15 +0000

I only had my 05 Gen 6 for a few months, and mine never had a clock either. I did have a go at trying to install a corolla one as I had access to a few different ones of those. I couldn't make a neat fit so gave up, but I did see a plug clipped in to the back of the dash adjacent to where the clock sat.
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