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241steve's Toyota Hilux sr


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morwell victoria



spot lights .
Tame as fuck boring as batshit white hilux my mates call it a workmate.I can't do maintenance every 5000k's.
You'll be jacking up the boost on a d4d to make the same power on the road as the 1gr-fe.
I also get up and drive for 2 minutes to the shop regularly don't know how to warm a car up, so a diesel may not suit me as an old dieselly I know says theres to much to go wrong on a modern diesel I can buy alot of petrol and not do much else obversely i don't drive that far every year.
I just got this hilux I own it I have to drive it so it has to be nice the bloody thing is bleeding me dry lol.

Lets hope the wreckers comment that these cars will all ways be expensive is correct, not that that really matters to me as I'll be driving the lux for a long time so stiff shit I'll be spending the money replacing parts as required not that I can reach the wallet for genuine Toyota parts unless I really have too use genuine.
As I'm now old its pointless putting mechanical parts from the wreckers on.


Future Modifications


It will get lift big wheels with mud tyres when I get it back to Toyota reliable its had the guts flogged out of it. Later this year I'll get into the suspension at this stage I'll get some more life out of whats there its still roadworthy so I'll leave that for now.

bigger fuel tank or another tank.
possibly a winch and some better bash plates
better tool box



Other info:


I had shit in the eyes the day I brought this thing.
After driving a 90 series Prado for years i wanted a ute.
so far ive taken off most of the shit things the last owner did to it and began rewiring and mounting everthing he put on it. as to speedo wound back and dodgie roadworthy I've all ready been to parts of it I never touched on a 25 year old Japanese built Toyota with 300k's. this thing is meant to have done 180k km.
So far I've put a reco diff center, rear wheel bearings in it.
The too do list
finish getting it up to all fluids changed power steering front diff gearbox and transfer case just so i know its got some sort of maintenance done to it.

fix some lights on the dash not working replace cluster most likely for that one if it ever happens.

I'm suss on the timeing chain,chain guides or the cam phasers. thats the next thing to do this week. you all know the spending money thing spit on the ground as its not improving the car. Ill be pulling the front off the motor soon. but Ill do some testing yet as in proving the wiring and cam sensor are good.

Some bash plate under the toyota bull bar is missing I'll find something to fill that hole sooner rather than later.




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gave Mr Toyota $38 today got a few scrivets for the head trim and clipsthat hold the interia plastics on no more rattles





changed the serpentine belt pulleys today gave mr repco $350 thats not including a new belt i changed the belt a few weeks ago i knew the pulleys were shit then but cheaped out that day i now have a set of pulleys to change bearings on if its possible we know ill never get around to doing that.





this thing is a piece of shit every time I wash the thing it makes more fucken noises and rattles





this thing is a piece of shit every time I wash the thing it makes more fucken noises and rattles

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