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Standard SR5 wheels and tyres on sand
By RemzGP
2 06 Dec
Hilux Tub and Accessories!!
By sharp018
1 06 Dec
Saas oil pressure guage
By Turgie21
3 06 Dec
Dismantling outer cv joint to replace boot.
By adampwhit
3 06 Dec
Underbody water tank
By Catavina
1 06 Dec

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FAIL's 2013 Hilux SR5 Dual Cab

ARB Deluxe Bar
ARB Underbody Bash Plates
ARB Recovery Point
ARB Canopy
ARB Awning 2.5m x 2.5m
HKS ECU (Just Autos's)
Light Force Genesis 50W HID (Genuine)
Runva 11XP Winch
RFI CDQ5000 Aerial
GME 3540 UHF
Mickey Thompson 17x9 Sidebiter II custom... read more

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