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Any tips: Park Light Removal
By William_Foster
0 28 Mar
Long Time Lurker, New Owner
By apSlain
1 28 Mar
Preventative Maintenance, Climbing Hills - '06 4x4 D4D HiLux
By apSlain
0 28 Mar
Sr5 trip computer into sr hilux
By orange
3 28 Mar
Carbon fiber bonnet, ladder racks, tubbed tub + otherthings
By reallyxxxxxxloud
1 28 Mar

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cuzo4x4's 2007 Hilux SR5 Dual Cab

Removed the tub now have a tray with jack off canopy
Removed the Sports lid and Bar
Ultimate 2" suspension Kit
Duel Batery
Back seat Mod
ROH 16' Rims with Kymo Tyres
ARB Sprint Canopy
Xrox Bar
Angle Eye Lights read more

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